Here's just a close-up look into what the life of a LEAH Mentor looks like. On top of their role as a community leader through LEAH, these high school students balance more than what one would imagine.


How do they spend their time?

Each Mentor has different interests, abilities, and backgrounds, so the day of any one Mentor could completely vary from another. Each Mentor uses their time in a way that best suits their lifestyle, which could involve homework, sports, school clubs, art, music, volunteer, work experience, or family responsibilities.

Being a Mentor, they spend a few hours two-days a week at the after-school program at their community partner site teaching local Boston Public School elementary students through a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) curriculum. At the after-school program, they help with homework, serve as role models, and act as support for the after-school program staff. Continuing their participation in LEAH. all the members get together one night a week for a few hours for training, and attend career events, college tours and similar events with LEAH staff and community Mentors. 

School is six hours a day, sports are a few hours a day six days a week, and homework is a few hours each day - yet LEAH Mentors balance it all.

LEAH really helped me with my time management skills. Before I started getting used to the job I was late to almost anything. It really taught me how to manage my time in a way that benefits me in all aspects of my life. I think what inspires me most about LEAH is the fact that it touches so many lives throughout the city.
— Darius, 2nd Year Mentor
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An example day of a hardworking mentor

One of our second year members who is currently a junior was kind enough to give us an idea of what her daily schedule looks like. It looks like she has decided to take on a rigorous coarse load, on top of her responsibilities as class president, a participant in the Capstone program at her school, and - of course - a LEAH Mentor. 

6:45 AM   Wakes up

7:30 AM   Arrive to school

7:45 AM   Starts her classes including only honor and Advanced Placement courses

1:40 PM   Released from school

2:00 PM   Biweekly Student Government meeting, as part of her responsibility as the Class President

3:30 PM   Leaves for the after-school program at her community partner site for her work as a LEAH mentor

                       - Recess and homework time

                       - Bonding during snack time

                       - Mentor-led STEM lesson using experiments, books, etc.

6:00 PM   Travels back to her home for dinner after finishing work

7:00 PM   Starts her homework, which often lasts her at least a few hours

This long schedule that could have her going to bed past midnight displays her dedication to excelling as a student, student leader, and community partner. This schedule doesn't include her responsibilities as a family member nor additional clubs and LEAH activities that she's involved in.

Additionally, seniors spend a significant amount of their free time creating college applications, studying for the SAT's or AP tests, and being involved in school activities. 



Let's congratulate them

Each of the Mentors must be a strong student, person, and community and family member, which can be overwhelming. Despite the coursework and the responsibilities, our mentors continue to succeed each day! All of them graduate high school and pursue college while remaining honorable and valuable citizens of the community. It takes a lot for each mentor to achieve what they do.